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Where the food always speaks for itself

We Prepare Dishes For Every Taste

Here at Caramba Restaurant, we offer a wide variety of regular dishes and seafood, with a selection of local cuisine favourites. Your first steps in food paradise begin right with the mouth-watering appetisers. Regular customers have also lauded our side-dishes. We’re open six days a week, Thursdays to Tuesdays, from 11 am to 10 pm.

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Special Menus With Delicious Seafood Options

While our Rib Eye is recommended, you can’t miss out on the huge range of seafood we have lined up for you. Delicacies ranging from Stone Crab to Island Coconut Curry keep you coming back for more. We have several options for vegetarians too. Taste everything from land to seafood with a special local cuisine selection at Caramba!


Wide Range of Appetisers and Side Dishes

We have a variety of dishes at your disposal. Our appetisers – both from land and sea – will make your mouth water in no time, especially our highly-recommended Ceviche. We have crispy fish burgers and Pibil sub sandwiches, quesadillas, Coconut shrimp, stewed chicken, and much more on the side.

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Best Dining Options for Customers

We set up the best ambience for your lunch and dinner. Come over with your family and have your special people dig into our special food. We accept reservations so you can make plans with us for celebratory feasts. We also offer free WiFi connectivity in the restaurant. We’re open 11 to 10, Thursdays to Tuesdays.